The 5 things you must know about the ortho-k contact lenses


Do you have myopia and to wear glasses or contact lenses does bother you? Do you want an alternative to surgery? The Ortho-k contact lenses are contact lenses that you can wear while you sleep in order to forget about glasses during the day. By means of the Refractive Corneal Theraphy (CRT), these contact lenses modify the corneal curve correcting the myopia – as well as astigmatism and hyperopia – in order to enjoy a clear vision during the journey.

1. Why do you forget about glasses and contact lenses during the day?

There are many advantages of having a clear vision without wearing any type of lense, especially in summer time. While being in the swimming pool or in the beach, where we are exposed to water and sand that can go into our eyes, the fact of wearing no type of lense decreases the probabilities of irritation and annoyance. Inconveniences are also avoided due to movement or sweat while practising sport or , for example, when we put on the motorbike’s helmet.

2. The best procedure to slow down the myopia significantly:

The Refractive Corneal Therapy is the best therapy to slow down the myopia in an important way. Many patients that use these contact lenses notice significative changes in the first days of treatment, correcting the myopia completely in one or two weeks maximum.

In fact, these are an excellent alternative to surgery, especially in occasions where it is ill-advised, in addition, in those cases implying children and young people with evolutionary myopia.

3. A treatment approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the CE (European Commission):

Since this is a treatment that many people do not know, they think this is a new treatment. The truth is that since many years ago, hundreds of patients use the Refractive Corneal Therapy, which is applied by means of the Ortho-k contact lense, the first and only contact lense authorized by the FDA, American Health Organization similar to the Spanish Health Ministry and the European Commission.

4. Ortho-K, contact lenses for all ages:

Especially recommended for young people, these contact lenses are adequate for any age.

 5.  Until how many dioptries can these contact lenses correct ?

The Ortho-k contact lenses correct until 6.00 graduation in myopia, until 1,75 in astigmatism and until 3.00 in hyperopia.

Ortho-k contact lenses, your allied contact lenses this summer for 3 reasons

Vision Aid - Contact Lens

The beach sand can easily get into your eyes, which can make the conventional contact lenses, those used during the day, leap. To suffer a blow in the swimming pool or a bycicle fall can also lead to the traditional contact lenses loss, which can even get broken. These are only three examples from a big list of summer holidays moments that prove that wearing glasses or conventional contact lenses is not always the most comfortable option. Can you imagine a type of contact lenses that one uses during the night and which allow one to have a clear vision during the day without wearing anything in the eye? The ortho-k contact lenses will turn out to be your best allied contact lenses during summer time for these main reasons: security, comfort and health.


  • The most secure option

Since these contact lenses are nocturnal, the vision is clear during the day without wearing any type of contact lense in the eye. This is possible because the Ortho-k contact lenses apply the Refractive Corneal Therapy (CRT), which modifies the corneal curve correcting the myopia. This is the most secure option, since it is impossible to harm our eyes, because we do not wear any contact lense. This is an absolutely secure treatment, since it has been approved by the United States FDA, which is the american health organization and also from the European Community.


  • The comfort of wearing no contact lenses

The fact of wearing neither contact lenses nor glasses, because the Ortho-k contact lenses correct the myopia during the night, makes the probability of irritation and inconveniences typical of the conventional contact lenses decrease. In a period where the sport, beach or swimming pool activities are more appropriate, the fact of wearing neither contact lenses nor glasses is a pleasure. Despite this, one must  not forget about the sunglasses, especially in the case of children.


  • A matter of health: to slow down the myopia

The therapy applied by means of the Ortho-k contact lenses, the Refractive Corneal Therapy, is the best one to slow down the myopia with significant results. These contact lenses become the unique choice to surgery, ill-advised in the case of children and young people with evolutionary myopia and in other particular cases.

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