The election this summer: polarized glasses? 


Despite the fact that polarized glasses exist since many years ago, these glasses are considered as fashion since three years ago. But, if the sales of this sunglasses style keep going during so many years is not only because these are fashion, but because of their usefulness.

When we put on sunglasses, the pupil gets dilated. This means that without an adequate protection against ultraviolet rays (UV), the sun can affect more negatively on our eyes and can even lead to lesions. In this sense, the polarized glasses can also offer a UV protection of the 100%.

Which other advantages do they have?

  • These fight light from all angles: the sun light reaches our eyes from all possible directions. In fact, there are typical situations in summer time that multiply the angles where the light comes from: the reflection of the sea water, swimming pools and asphalt. The polarized glasses have a special filtre that avoids all reflections coming from horizontal surfaces.
  • Vision without reflections that improves the visibility.
  • The clarity and contrast of what we see is superior.
  • These glasses are adequate for people with high sensibility to light and also for children.
  • As any other lens, this diminishes the eye fatigue.
  • These glasses can be prescription glasses.
  • Needs to be mentioned the fact that, as disadvantage, in some cases the polarized glasses diminish the visibility of cell phones screens, GPS or other devices. Despite this, these are the most recommended, even more for those who spend lots of hours under the sun light and are exposed to situations where the light reflection multiplies, such as, for example, people fond of navigation, beach or those who drive during many hours.
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