5 things you must know in order to see the sun eclipse

Consells per veure eclipsi solar

The fact that the moon crosses ths sun’s path creating an eclipse does not happen every day. In fact, the eclipse that will take place on Friday 20th March did not happen, in the same magnitude, since 1999. Some countries such a Denmark or some locations at the United Kingdom will see more than the 80% of a covered sun. Here we will also be able to see it clearly starting from 9:16am, according to the information given by the National Astronomy Observatory.

This same institution also gives us some advices in order to look at this astronomical marvel in a secure way.

How not to do it:

  • Do not look at the sun directly or with sunglasses. Since the sun is not completely covered by the moon, it keeps on annoying the eyes when we look at it fixedly and it can damage our eyes.
  • Do not  look at the sun with devices or instruments that are not specially adapted. The cameras of any type, binoculars or telescopes without the appropriate sun filtres are not recommended, either, to observe the eclipse. It must also be taken into account the homologation of the filtres that will be used.
  • Optic instruments are not recommended at all. The observatory does not recommend the optic filtres that are added to the eye, since these can overheat and break.

How to do it:

  • To project the sun image on some screen projected to a shadow. One of the ways to observe this phenomenon is projecting it on an even surface. Do not look to what it shows you, but look at the reflex that it makes.
  • To use “eclipse sunglasses”. With these filtres with a glass shape, one can look at the eclipsed sun without problems. But the glasses must be standardized by the European Community and must be used following the precise instructions. These must be used preferably while being seated and must not be taken out until one gives up looking at the sun and must not be combined with other optic devices.

Now you know how to enjoy the sun eclipse with maximum security guarantees for your sight. You can share this article if you find it interesting.

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