Biòptic took part in the VIII edition of the contactology forum carried out at FOOT

Last November 11th we attended the 8th edition of the Contactology Forum organized by the Facultad de Óptica y Optometría de Terrassa. The event was sponsored by 15 laboratories dedicated to contact lenses and maintenance products.

During the journey different conferences are organized with subjects related to present time and of interest  about the optician’s and optometry’s world. The main objective of this meeting is to pick up the different opinions of the professional people that attend, in order to be able to speak deeply about the different subjects.

In this edition the subjects explained were:

. The last advances and treatment for the dry eye.

. Multi-focal contact lenses’ adaptation.

. The importance of the social network in our cabinet.

Continually, laboratories are investigating in order to achieve a better vision with the usage of contact lenses. In this case, we have focused on finding solutions for the users that have a double problem such  as presbyopia and dry eye.

Starting from 40 years, lots of people decide to give up the usage of contact lenses for these reasons, that is why it is very important to be updated with the last advances regarding artificial tears and the materials the contact lenses are made of.

By means of these studies we try to find out the better results so that our patients can benefit from this.