CORTILLA MAS, S.L.P. with CIF B66187014 based in RAMBLA DE CATALUNYA 13, PRINCIPAL 1ª, BARCELONA (BARCELONA), 08007 is the occupant of the web site and responsible for the treatment of the personal data that the users supply through this web site.

CORTILLA MAS, S.L.P. informs the users of this web site of its policy with respect to the treatment and protection of the users’ personal data and clients that can be obtained through the navigation and usage of this web site.

The purpose of this document is to inform the users of what we do with their personal data, how these are obtained, for what these are used, the rights they have together with all the necessary information established by the valid rules.

By using this web site, we understand that you have read and understood the information related to the treatment of your personal data.

Our main goal is to handle the personal data in a fair, loyal and transparent way.

Obtained data, purpose and permission
The handled personal data are those given by users through the available forms that are in this web site and are those minimum required in order to be able to send them information related to our products / services, in order to make orders, as well as to be able to issue the corresponding invoices, to inform about the orders state, to attend claims and any other issue that derives from the service realized by means of this web site.

Those purposes are based on legal principles related to the data treatment gathered by the current rules: for the execution of an agreement or the realization of a service to the users, for the fulfilment of legal obligations, fo the legitimate interest and with the users consent.

Obtained data for the information’s request through the web form
The personal data obtained through the web form for the information’s request have the purpose of the sending of commercial information about our products and services.

The treatment of this data in this concrete case is legitimated by the express consent that you give us when accepting the sending of information obtained through the form.

Operations carried out with the personal data
The personal data are registered by means of the web and maintained in electronic supports that are controlled and supervised by the responsible person of the treatment. These supports have the necessary technical and organizational measures that guarantee the confidentiality in the data treatment.

The staff implied in the operations of the data treatment: access, edition, removal, etc…. is able for this and is trained and has a commitment with our data protection policy.

Data preservation
The personal data will be preserved the necessary time in order to be able to attend the purpose / purposes by which these were created.

Therefore, we will maintain your personal information while a contract and/or commercial relation exists with you or while you do not make use of the removal, cancellation and/or limitation of your data treatment.

In these cases, we will maintain the information dully blocked, without using it, meanwhile it can be necessary for demands’ defense, or because its recovery is necessary due to some type of judicial, legal or agreement responsibility that must be looked after.

Protection of person under age
This web site is not addressed to person under ager users. If you are a person under age, please do not try to register as a user. If we discover that by mistake we have obtained personal information of people under age, we will delete that information as soon as possible.

Addressees of your personal data
We inform the users of the fact that their personal data will not be communicated to third party, with the exception that this data communication be protected by a legal obligation or when for the correct service or agreement’s execution it is necessary to communicate your data to other responsible people such as other companies of the group, in charge of the treatment.

When the data communication to a third party is not protected by legal bases mentioned in the previous paragraph, the data communication to other addressees will only take place if the user has given its express consent.

CORTILLA MAS, S.L.P. maintains strict criterions of selection of people responsible for the treatment and commits itself with an agreement with each one to carry out and to make people carry out the obligations established regarding the data protection.

You can obtain more information about the personal data treatment of our organization in the next link:

Rights execution
In accordance with the rights regarding the current laws with respect to personal data protection, the user will be able to exercise his/her rights to access, correction, treatment’s limitation, removal, portability and objection to his/her data treatment addressing his/her request to the mailing address indicated or to the e-mail address BERNAT@BIOPTIC.NET.
In order to exercise the rights one will have to identify oneself showing his/her identity card.

For any request you can go towards the same mentioned e-mail. Note you can also go towards the Spanish Agency of Data Protection (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos: ).

Cookies policy

Cookies’ concept
Cookies represent a tool used by the Web servers to store and recover information about its visitors and users.

It is a text file that some servers install during the navigation that permet to know information such as: the place from which one has access, the connection time, the device from where one has access (fixed or mobile), the operative system and navigator used, the most visited pages, the number of realized clicks and data with respect to the user’s behaviour in Internet.

These do not provide references that allow to deduct the name and surnames of the user and can neither read date from the hardware nor include virus in their devices.

Moreover, it cannot read the cooked inside the hardware of the user from other servers.

Why are these important?
The web site is accessible without the need that the cookies are activated, even though, its disabling can obstruct its correct function.

From a technical point of view, cookies allow that the web sites work in a more agile way and adapted to the users’ preferences, such as storing the language, the country currency or to detect the device from which one has had access.

These establish protection and security levels that prevent or difficult cyberattacks to the web site or its users.

These allow that the agents can know statistic data obtained in order to better the quality and experience of its services.

These are used to optimise the advertisements that we show to the users, offering the one that suits better their interests.

Authorization for the usage of cookies
In the web site it is shown a Cookies Advice, which the user or visitor can accept, give his/her express consent to the cookies usage, as follows.

The user can configure its navigator to reject by defect all the cookies or to receive a warning on the screen of the reception of each cookie and hence decide about its installation or not in its hardware.

Navigator configuration
CORTILLA MAS, S.L.P. reminds its users that the usage of cookies will be subject to its acceptance during the installation or update of the used navigator.

This acceptance could be revoked by means of the configuration options of contents and privacy available in the same. The agent recommends its users to consult the help of his/her navigator or enter the help web pages of the main navigators: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome.

If you need more information about how to revoke the given consent or about the process to disable cookies, as well as make some question about the Cookies Policy, you can get in touch with the agent through the following e-mail address BERNAT@BIOPTIC.NET indicating “Cookies Policy” in the message.

Types of Cookies used in the Web
The user that navigates in the web can find cookies inserted directly by the agent, or cookies inserted by entities different to the agent, according to the information mentioned in the following paragraphs:

  • Session cookies, these expire when the user leaves the page or closes the navigator, that is, these are active whereas one visits the web site and hence are deleted of our computer when we leave it.
    Permanent cookies, these expire when their goal is accomplished or when these are deleted manually, these have a time to be deleted and are used normally in the process of online purchases, customizations or in the register, in order not to enter a password constantly.

According to the entity that deals with the team or domain from where that cookies are sent and handle the data obtained, we can distinguish between own Cookies and third party ones.

  • Own Cookies are those cookies that are sent to the users’ computer and are handled only by us for the better Web site function.The information we obtain is used to better the quality of our service and your experience as user.
  • Third party Cookies, when the user interacts with the content of our Website, third party cookies can also be established (for instance, when pressing the button of social nets or while having a look at videos of another web site), which are those cookies established by a different domain than our Web Site. We cannot have access to the data stored in the cookies of other websites when you navigate in those mentioned web sites.

To navigate through this web site means that the following types of Cookies can be installed:

These cookies are used to better your navigation experience and to optimize the working of our web sites.
These store service configurations so that you do not have to shape again each time you visit us.
Volume fittings of video or sound devices.
Good video transmission speeds.
It stores the purchase done in the “shopping cart” in the E-commerce Services.

These cookies are used to store geolocalization data of the computer or devices to offer you more adequate contents and services.
Contents related to the country, city, language, etc.

The register cookies are created when you register or when you begin the session in one of our web sites.
You can keep on being identified even though you close the navigator, hence when you come back again you will still be identified except if you disconnect or close the session.

These cookies obtain information of your navigation experience in our websites in a completely anonymous way.
We can count the number of visitors to the site or the most seen contents.
We can know if the user is new or repeats the visit.
This information can help us to better the navigation and give you a better service.

These cookies obtain information about the advertisements shown to each anonymous user in our websites.
To adapt the publicity to the type of device from where the user is connecting.
To provide advertisements handled by means of a third party (“Ad-servers”) that are shown on site at real time.